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<div class="image-wrapper"><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><!--mep-tab--><p><img class="home" alt="older ones" src="" /></p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><!--mep-tab--><p><img class="home" alt="newborn" src="" /></p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><!--mep-tab--><p><img class="home" alt="older ones" src="" /></p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--></div><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><h5 class="sub-header">When should I book my session?</h5><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><p>As soon as possible, if you have a date in mind then please check with me for availability. Sessions are usually booked up to 1 to 2 months in advance, but I hold some bookings open for ad hoc sessions so please do get in touch to check.</p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><p>If you are wanting to book a newborn session then I would hold bookings open for 2 weeks either side of your due date (allowing for early or late babies!) you would then let me know when your little one arrives so that we can book in suitable slot for you. If you have just given birth and haven't booked, please still get in touch as I may have a session available for you.</p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><div class="divider"></div><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><h5 class="sub-header">How old does my baby need to be for a newborn shoot?</h5><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><p>For newborns, it is recommended that you schedule your session before your baby arrives, so that I can pencil in your due date. These time-sensitive sessions should ideally take place within the baby's first 10 days. During those first few days, your little one will sleep more soundly for a longer period of time, and 'curl up' more willingly. But don't worry if your baby has passed this age, this is just the 'ideal' and I will still be able to capture some amazing images, as the older they get the cuter they are when they're awake!</p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><div class="divider"></div><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><h5 class="sub-header">What to wear?</h5><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><p>Clothing is a critical part of making a wonderful photograph. I always like to see a child's clothing reflect them and their personality. I love colour, as it represents such a lively fun time in a child's life... however, something simple in a solid colour also works well. Trendy and retro clothing can also add great impact to images and work very well for older children. I encourage you to bring your favourite hat, scarf, or other accessory... wool and other textures create wonderful detail in photographs. If the session is for a family group, try to keep a similar theme to your outfit choices, using like colours and styles. Jeans always work well for groups, with white or light coloured tops.</p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><p>Newborns are photographed in as little as possible. I have many props (hats & headbands) but please do bring along any favourite items such as blanket or special teddy that you might like in the shots.</p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><div class="divider"></div><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><h5 class="sub-header">When will I see my photographs?</h5><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><p>Within 2 days of your shoot I will post a sneak peak from your session on my blog and Facebook, I can also email you this on request - this will be a selection of 2-3 images and you will be able to share these with friends and family.</p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><p>Within 3-4 weeks I will present 25-35 fully processed images to you, including black and white versions, from these you will be able to order a range of products including prints, acrylic prints, canvas and albums. I also offer digital packages so that you can keep your images on disc or USB and arrange for your own printing. Please refer to the pricelist for the range of products available.</p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab--><p>Any orders you make can expect to be received within 2 weeks of making your order.<br /><br /><br /><strong>Terms & Conditions<br /></strong><strong>Your session. </strong><br />Sessions take place in a location of your choice (local to you or to Lucy) for a location shoot, or in your own home. Newborn sessions take place at Lucy’s home studio, in some instances these sessions can take place in the clients home (an extra charge will be required)<br />The length of a session depends on the age of the children and also the amount of people. Location and home sessions are typically between 1 & 2 hours, newborn session can last between 2 & 3 hours.<br /><strong>Payment</strong><br />A deposit of £25 is required at the time of booking your session, this can be paid by BACs. The remainder of the session fee required before the session or on the day of the session, in cash or by BACs. Payments for products ordered are required at the time of ordering, in full. The minimum product order amount is £125. Both maternity/newborn sessions the minimum spend amount is £225 for both. <br /><strong>Images</strong><br />Within 2 days of your session Lucy will post a small selection of images from your session, on her business blog and also her business Facebook page, unless requested otherwise, in which case Lucy can email these to you personally to share with friends and family.<br />Lucy aims to have your images fully processed and ready for presentation within 3-4 weeks of the session, these can be presented in person or through a private client gallery via her blog. There will be between 25 and 35 fully processed and edited images presented to you, including black and white options. Purchased images files are cropped to 16x12 inches unless a request for a different size is received, files are the highest quality JPEG, 300dpi. Lucy will also supply Facebook and email ready files as part of a disc purchase.<br /><strong>Ordering</strong><br />A client gallery will be live for 14 days unless otherwise agreed, your final order must be received by this time. Images are kept for 6 months and then deleted unless otherwise agreed. When ordering from 2 sessions (Maternity & Newborn) the orders must be separate, so a package or image files from each, the minimum order amount from both sessions is discounted to £225. Offers on both sessions can be created at Lucy's descretion. </p><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-tab-->