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little ones

little ones

I offer a completely free, no obligation consultation - I can come to your home to discuss your requirements in person. The aim of this is so that I can meet you and your family, we will discuss what you would like from your images and my vision of what can be achieved. I would also bring my portfolio to this meeting to show you examples of my work.

If this is not possible then I am available to discuss a possible session over the phone or by email. We would discuss possible locations, if you're unsure of where you would like the shoot we can work together to determine what setting would be best for you. I can also give you guidance on clothing choices, what colours & textures work best.

A session will last anywhere from one to two hours, up to three hours for newborns - no two sessions are the same and the pace will depend completely on your child, there will be plenty of time for a break for a snack, a feed or clothing change. The key to my sessions is no stress! No rush or panic, I take my time with your children, we will have fun and even in a family session I will do a 'one on one' with each child to capture some more personal images of them.

My style is very relaxed and natural, no posing or 'cheese' for the camera - my aim is to capture your family's life as it is, and I'm sure you'll agree that it can be chaotic and crazy - and this makes for amazing images!